Grants Police Department

105 East Roosevelt Ave.

Grants, NM 87020


Jessi Ward Non-emergency contact


Office Hours: 8:00am - 4:30pm



Chief S. Chavez

Lieutenant  D. Chavez

Lieutenant  J. Marez

Detective C. Wanya

Sergeant B. Kohn

Sergeant. J. McCowen

Sergeant T. Garcia

Officer J. Ahlheim

Officer V. Diaz

Officer D. Gutierrez

Officer S. Nunez

Officer K. Saavedra

Officer C. Sandoval 

Officer M. Sylvester

Officer R. Thatcher

Officer B. Thorne

Officer B. Will

Officer G. Wanya

Evidence Custodian/Administrative Assistant: 

Jessi Ward

Detective Secretary Breann Gutierrez

Patrol Administrative Assistant:

Kayla Archunde


Request to Inspect Public Records "IPRA"  

must be completed online with the City Clerk in person, or by mail  600 W. Santa Fe Ave. Below is a link to complete the form online.