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Grants Cibola County


Thank you for your interest in relocating to Grants, New Mexico.


If you are looking for a small city with friendly neighbors and plenty to do, this is the area you are looking to call home. 


Grants New Mexico is a diverse community of 9,300 people descending from many cultures and backgrounds. Our climate is mild year-round, typical of the high desert. We are located 1 hour west of Albuquerque on I-40 and 1 hour east of Gallup. Our area offers low property taxes, inexpensive housing, the convenience of a nearby large city, and an abundance of open space.


The city of Grants located at the foot of Mt. Taylor, an inactive stratovolcano, which was named in 1849 for then-president Zachary Taylor. It is the highest point of the San Mateo Mountains and in the Cibola National Forest at 11, 301 feet. This peak can be seen throughout the mountainous region and provides irrigation water for ranchers, farmers, and the pueblos. The area offers scenic vistas of mountains and mesas, historical attractions, a national forest, national monuments, state parks, and many forms of outdoor recreation. It also plays a vital role in the mining and forest restoration industries as well.

Cibola County in the Land of Enchantment has much to offer. Great food served in a genuine atmosphere of beauty and enchantment. Catch the real spirit here in Grants New Mexico. We still revere tradition here as well as innovations and continue to celebrate the early blend of Native American and Spanish cultures that created our singular cuisine, different from anywhere else in the American Southwest or Mexico. 


Cibola County Community Profile

The county is mostly rural and has one city, one town, surrounded by several smaller communities; the city of Grants is the county seat. Cibola County is home to three Native American tribes – the Pueblo of Acoma, Pueblo of Laguna, and the Ramah Navajo Chapter.

Our official state question is, after all, “RED or GREEN", referring to our well-known types of chili.

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