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Grants Fire and Rescue Department

Grants Fire and
Rescue Facebook

The City of Grants has two fire stations.

Station One: 620 W. High Street

Station Two: 700 Truman Avenue

Phone: 505.876.2245


Grants Fire & Rescue is a member of the New Mexico Firefighter's Assn. and the Tri-State Firemen's Assn.


Fire Department Staff:

Chief Robert Hays

Administrative Assistant  Jessica Venable

Lt. Mike Maes

Lt. Andrew Valencia

FF/EMT B Benito Otero

FF/EMT B Anthony Valencia

FF/EMT B Isaiah Ruben

FF/EMT B Rudy C De Baca

FF/EMT Bryan Speck

FF Coy Maes

Probationary FF Manuel Ross

Probationary FF Andrew Sandoval



Deputy Chief Joe Valencia

Captain Elliot Knighton

Public Records Request may be made by clicking the link below. 

Burn Permits

 If you need to obtain a Burn Permit, please contact Jessica Venable by email

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